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About Us

Side By Side, the Human Side of Travelling.

Side By Side Holidays is Seychelles’ very first, 100% Seychellois-owned, online travel operator. Founded in 2014 by a group of travel managers with decades of world-wide experience in the tourism industry, ranging from corporate travel to tour operating and boutique hotel management, Side By Side Holidays focuses on the incredible islands of Seychelles, other hidden gems in the Indian Ocean and astounding Africa. Side by Side Holidays’s passionate team of international experts is at your service to open new doors of discovery for your next vacation – every step of the way.



Why travel with us?

Based in the Seychelles we specialize in this varied and exciting Geographic area, namely: Seychelles, India, Maldives, Mauritius, Tanzania, Mozambique, Sri Lanka and South Africa, Namibia

We are the best in creating a selection of charming, characteristic and/or picturesque facilities. Our priorities are the safety of our clients, the quality of services offered and increasing the numbers of responsible persons visiting and enjoying these incredible destinations.

1. A traveler describes the desired custom luxury trip
2. The request is screened based on travelers' preferences, budget, etc.
3. Traveler is matched to top travel specialists who are the best fit

Side By Side Holidays's travel specialist partners are considered amongst the best in the industry -- each one has been personally vetted via a detailed screening process.

Our commitment: We believe in creating a strong and positive perception of our community and what we stand for. We believe in encouraging personal growth and happiness through travel and discovery and the creation of unforgettable memories. We believe in respecting and supporting local communities and we believe that by so doing we can contribute to more acceptance and the growth of local communities.

Our pricing: we strive to offer excellent value for money and not only our rates are usually considerably lower than many of our online competitors, but we try to include as many extras as possible, Transfers and Local Taxes for example, in the room rate so as to avoid unpleasant surprises later during your holiday. Our partners are very carefully chosen under all aspects, including the commercial point of view, to ensure that we can offer you the best possible rates.

At Side By Side Holidays, we excel at helping you get your vacation planned. Not just any vacation, but exceptional vacations filled with inspiring and life-enriching experiences. We believe that every vacation should be unique and a human touch can make all the difference: and here's why the name we have chosen for our Company, corresponds exactly to our mission: Side By Side, the Human Side of Travelling.

Our mission is to help you plan your perfect vacation: not simply a period of recreation spent away from home, but a unique, customized, inspiring and life-enriching experience that will stay with you forever.

We believe it is the human touch that makes all the difference. That’s why we brand ourselves Side By Side, the Human Side of Travelling.

Also our approach is different. We don’t plan any trips ourselves. Instead, we match you with 2 or 3 leading travel specialists who are the most qualified to make your dream trip happen. They then compete to design your ideal itinerary.

Our travel partners excel at handcrafting and coordinating complex international luxury itineraries. Their expertise and connections cover all logistics, transportation, accommodation, guides, and insider access to unique experiences – as well as 24X7 supports throughout your trip.

You will receive a personalized, handcrafted travel itinerary.

marco @
+248 2608217


General Manager

In 2013 I got a second citizenship in the Seychelles, where I was born in the 70s and where I opened the first online travel luxury referral agency with a focus on the Seychelles, Indian Ocean and Africa: Side By Side Travel. After an intense and interesting  professional experience in corporate travel industry I had the opportunity of holding managing positions in some multinational corporate Companies, such as The European Space Agency, First Travel Management International, TQ3 Travel Solutions, BCD Travel, acquiring skills, service standards and procedures at international level. After a short period covering the role of “Country Manager Italy” for FCm Travel Solutions, I have reached  a perspective and knowledge of the European business travel market much richer and more in-depth. In 2009 I've also covered the role of business development manager at one of the best online travel company in Italy, PaesiOnLine. In 2010 I opened a small Boutique Hotel in the historical centre of Rome, something that proved an extraordinary human and business experience. Since 2004, I am an active member of IGLTA. International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association.

cristina @
+44 2036086417


Co-Founder & Financial Controller

I was born in the world of tourism more than forty years ago. After completing my studies in Australia I lived in the Seychelles in the late 70's where I started my career as a correspondent at destination for important Italian tour operators and the direct management of Hotel on Praslin island. Back in Italy I initially served as director of the first IATA Travel Agency of the Province of Rome, GSA for KLM for the central and southern Italy. For more than ten years I was the contract manager for the European Space Agency, managing complex multinational agreements and covering simultaneously the role of coordinator for conferences and events. After a brief period as a travel coordinator for a pharmaceutical company, I had my first experience in Side By Side Travel managing the start-up of two Boutique Hotels in Tuscany in the Chianti region, and in the center of Rome. I am a photography lover, and during our site inspections I make thousands of shots: my computer is desperate! I love Asian and Creole cuisine.

francesca @
+39 3384360774


Senior Manager, Head of Sales & Marketing Italy

I have thirty years experience in the tourism and leisure twenty of which dedicated to the long-haul product specifically with wide experience on the following destinations: Seychelles, Mauritius, Rodrigues, Madagascar. In southern Africa: South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, Kenya, Ethiopia
What better specialist resource to entrust your leisure or business in these destinations.
I am passionate about landscape photography, underwater patent, a lover of good food, I made my passions as my job! I personally knows all the hotels that Side By Side Travel proposes in its destinations and I can be a great concierge at your disposal to make with you your dream holiday in a unique, extraordinary and unique travel experience
+55 41 984051048


Senior Manager, Head of Sales & Marketing Manager Brazil

I was born in Italy, where I grew up playing saxophone in a band and piano. My first job was in my Family Winery and after that I started working in the industry attending multinational firms in Europe. I always liked travelling and after many trips in Europe, North America and Asia I decide moving to San Francisco in California, where I studied and worked in the San Francisco Stock Market for four years. In 2002 I moved to Brazil, where I have been living since then, working in many fields: Industry, International Consulting and International Trading. Since then I had the opportunity to get to know and work with many South American countries. In 2009 I travelled to Africa for the first time and that continent gained my heart. I speak and write Italian, English and Portughese. My passion for travelling brought me into the Travel Industry. Since 2011 I joined the Ebony Tours & Safaris in Tanzania and I represent SideBySide.Travel for the Brazilian Market. I wish to become a Travel Blogger and live in many countries.

federica.s @
+39 0687811236


Travel Designer, Rome, Italia

I have 20 years of experience in the tourist industry, where I have worked in various roles: Guest Service Representative, Airport Assistant, Tour Guide and most recently as Hotel Assistant Manager. I have travelled extensively during my career, working in different places all over the world: Balearic and Canary Islands, Spain, France, Norway, Greece, Indonesia & Singapore, United States, Dominican Republic, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Egypt, Tanzania, Kenya, Zanzibar, Madagascar, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Mauritius and Seychelles. I am mother tongue Italian, but I have also had, through my travels and work, the opportunity to study, learn and speak: English, Spanish and French. I have always had a strong desire to travel. I was born with the travel bug: always keen to explore the world, to discover new places, to touch, hear, smell and taste new things around the globe. The more I see, the more I want to see. As a travel addict, I always have my passport at hand and my suitcases under my bed. Yes, I am indeed a Wanderluster! I am now based in Italy (Latina, close to Roma), the place where I grew up and where I decided to build my Headquarters for my new role as Travel Designer for Side by Side. I have an immense esteem for Marco Valerio Abbati, Side by Side Ceo & Founder, who I have known for many years and I am extremely proud to be part of his Team. My key aim is to help you plan a personalised holiday of a lifetime, sharing with you my knowledge, experience and information on numerous travel trends and destinations, to ensure that we meet all your requirements and tick all the boxes on your wish list. Side by Side is an extremely customer focused company and I guarantee you will be fully satisfied with the quality and standard of our service. So, do not miss the "air"bus! Get in touch and let me..."design your dream"!

amy @
0404 770 330


Senior Manager, Head of Sales & Marketing Australia

For over 9 years I have followed my passion Travel, this love for the wanderlust came at a very young age, whilst I was studying in Denmark. I have worked in many areas of the industry and in the last 4 years I have specialized in Honeymoons and Gay Travel. Being a Personal Travel Manager I strive to gain an intimate knowledge of your travel needs as if they were my own and offer the convenience, benefits and security of a mobile Agent.

erick @
+44 2036086417


Customer Care & Quality Assurance

I hold this position at Side By Side Travel with great enthusiasm, a challenging position and ever-evolving role to play When it comes to optimizing the customer experience. I was born and raised in Brazil, covering the role of customer relations in different companies, both in Brazil and in Italy. I am native Portuguese and speak fluent English, Italian and Spanish. I'm now doing my best to learn French and Japanese! I started working with Side By Side Travel in Italy in the direct management of a small Luxury Boutique Hotel in the historic center of Rome. An extraordinary experience, both in terms of professional and human experiences.

jeanpaul @
+44 2036086417


Shore & Sea Excursions Manager

Born and raised in Seychelles I have had the opportunity to unveil the untouched places hidden from tourists eyes. This is what inspired me to start up my excursion company "Secret Seychelles". The connection with new visitors each day is the most gratifying experience for me. Work feels more like a friendship than anything else. Seven years successfully working in the tourism industry I have the previledge to work along side some prestigious hotels such as Banyan Tree, Four Seasons, Maia, Ephelia. Now I am more then delighted to collaborate with an international travel agency Side By Side Holidays. Together with Side By Side Holidays were here to offer you a remarkable experience in discovering our paradise island whether you are coming alone, In a group or with your beloved one we have a flexible variety of excursions for your exclusive taste.

lionel @
+44 7918642151


Senior Manager, Side By Side Holidays Ambassador for UK

Mother tongue French, fluent in English, I am a dynamic and highly effective manager with 20 years experience of supporting and eventually setting up a wide range of organisations in the Tourism Industry, Corporate and Leisure sectors. A core background in customer care including a long experience in the Civili Aviation Industry. I am flexible and adaptable, able to take on a challenging brief and to deliver a highly successful outcome. Self-motivated from the beginning but work most effectively in a collaborative environment. Experienced in building rapport with a wide range of people, delivering the highest levels of customer service and have worked at both partner and director level. At Side By Side Travel I cover the role of Sales Manager UK, single point of reference for customers and suppliers on British soil

giulio @
+44 2036086417


Group Leader

I am the youngest of the Side By Side Travel's Family. I try to combine my role with my studies and my passion for cinema. I started working at Side By Side Travel as a group leader, accompanying our customers (and now our friends) to the Maldives, and in New Zealand, where I spent six months to improve my English. I am currently based in Italy and I take care of our guests in our small boutique hotel in the historic center of Rome. Although it is an extraordinary experience, both in terms of human and professional experience, I always do the countdown to lead the next group in one of our destinations.

jpl @
+33 681480141


Side By Side Holidays Ambassador for France & Benelux