Que Viva Mexico!

A trip to Mexico will take in a marvelous land, famous, transmitting a carefree lightness and offers unique sensations. In a vacation in Mexico beauty and mystery create ideal coordinates of a landscape with strong colors, ready to offer themselves to the visitor's curiosity and conquer it with the magic of its charm and its contrasts.


From desert to tropical forests, from long beaches to high mountain ranges, from volcanoes to the majestic coral reefs in the Caribbean Sea, everything is imbued with a special atmosphere that seems to guard the secrets of ancient Maya and Aztec civilizations, and that makes the Mexico a place to discover. Archeology and history, nature and relaxation, handicrafts, curios and culture, to finish the kitchen, among the richest and most flavorful in the world, this is Mexico.

Why go to Mexico

  • To see the most beautiful archeological sites of the Mayan civilization and Azteca and know the glorious past of Mexico
  • To know Mexico City, a sprawling city but full of offers for leisure: colonial buildings, the great anthropological museum, the colorful murals of Diego Rivera and his companions, the bustling Zona Rosa. And streets teeming with life and local
  • For landscapes of Baja California, the wildest part of the Mexican coast
  • To visit the Yucatan: Caribbean beaches and archaeological sites overlooking the sea. Views to die for
  • To the beaches of Acapulco and Playa del Carmen, one of the most beautiful and popular in the Caribbean
  • To see the beautiful colonial towns and the villages of the Indians, walking in the deserts of the north and then to impress in front of the snowy peaks of the southern volcanoes
  • For delicious Mexican food: tortilla, chili con carne, fajitas, all delicacies but ... attention to the chili! Here it is particularly spicy
  • For shopping: colorful textiles, silver jewelry, bottles of tequila, spicy chili, leather bags and all the beautiful Mexican craft artifacts