Sea and desert along the Incense Route

A holiday in Oman welcomes you to the land of the "Arabian Nights", the ancient homeland of incense and myrrh, in places suspended in a magical atmosphere steeped in legend, souks emoschee, dunes and castles built in peak sea, long white beaches overlooking the pristine coastline.


A trip to Oman offering unique sensations, which are descended from a long history and the resin was once more valuable than gold, which the Queen of Sheba called "tears of the gods" and that made the fortune of this land: the incense . Oman, with a distance of over 2000 km along the Arabian Peninsula, was leaving the "Incense Route", which spread the legendary scent permeating an entire civilization and marking the time of Arabia Felix.

Why go to Oman

  • To endorse a magical country and charming, the real country of the Thousand and One Nights
  • To be intoxicated by the markets and the streets flooded with incense, a typical product of the country
  • To see the magnificent castles built overlooking a cobalt blue sea silhouetted against a bright blue sky
  • To get lost in the souks, the local markets
  • To endorse the beautiful desert of Oman