... The shining land

Sri Lanka (Serendib) is the shining island. According to an Arab legend, Already it had this for Adam and Eve When They had not yet tasted the apple Because this was the Garden of Eden.


A holiday in Sri Lanka will not leave disappointed: Bright smiles of the people I know naturally hospitable, charming for the vivid testimonies of an ancient civilization, rich in ancient temples and fortresses emerging from the green forests, beautiful virgin nature and its long beaches and quiet palm-fringed, fragrant aromas of spices and lotus flowers. The Buddha Considered the kingdom of beauty, serenity, peace. The profile of Sri Lanka Appears to be a drop in the sea of ​​the Indian Ocean, but its forms Seem also to evoke those tea leaves That so thickly covers the central area of ​​the island With Their sparkling green, and who have helped make it famous world with the name of Ceylon. The island is very green: mountains, plains, rivers, beautiful beaches, endless tea plantations, ancient city full of history, colonial atmosphere.

Best time to visit Sri Lanka

  • The dry periods in Sri Lanka are split by area with December to March being the best period for the west and south coast and from April to September for the heart of Sri Lanka and the East Coast
  • The southwest monsoon affects the south and west coasts as well as the hill country between April and September
  • The northeast monsoon takes place between November and March and affects the east coast
  • Temperatures are relatively consistent year round (26-32°C) all around the island, especially around the coast and the Cultural Triangle. The hill country is one of the coolest spots in Sri Lanka with temperatures ranging from 18 to 24 degrees Celsius
  • Sri Lanka is busiest from December to March, however travelling during the low and shoulder seasons can be great as prices are lower and the are fewer people.







Why go to Sri Lanka

  • To visit the English quarter of Colombo, the capital and a walk in the large: Cinammon Gardens
  • Discovering the spirituality Sinhalese in Dalada Maligawa, one of the most revered temples of the Buddhist world, which houses a Buddha Tooth
  • To be amazed at Polonnaruwa where the Gal Vihara (Temple of the Rock), with three giant statues of Buddha carved from a single block of rock Sigiriya, an ancient fortress built on top of a rocky outcrop of quartz by King Kassyapa, in the fifth century
  • To surf in one of the spots most recently discovered by surfers from around the world.

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The best of Sri Lanka
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