The cradle of Western civilization

We are in the most legendary of the Mediterranean, a place that has always inspired and gained great travelers and lovers of beauty: here were born the thought and philosophy, culture and art of the Western world.


The land that has taught us the charm of the heroes and the cult of beauty: we have in mind the battles sung by Homer, and the Mediterranean islands in the eyes bluer.

Greece is a landscape of the soul: the blue domes of the churches, the windmills, the islands, the white houses, are visions that are part of the imagination of us all.
Beautiful sandy beaches, clear waters, fascinating islands, monuments that have cosruito human history. Welcome to Greece


Those seeking the liveliness of the glamorous island should definitely go to Mykonos, where celebrities, fashionistas and young families spend the summer side by side between the fun of trendy clubs and beauty of sandy beaches. The resorts of the south coast are the most popular among young people: here the beaches are animated by day and by night, in an endless party. More peaceful atmosphere in the north coast, most family and to those who want to enjoy a vacation in total relax. Mykonos is the temple of water sports, with the highest concentration of diving centers in all of Greece